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Axis Memory

Other products of Axis Memory.


"Axis Memory" High Technology Solutions

Axis products enjoys Taiwanese cutting edge technology for all basket of products including Flash disk, Memory cardsm, OTG flash disks and other related products.

Axis flash disks are in different sizes using UDP, MUDP, PCBA solutions to match with all type of needs.

  • Axis memory cards are in various types to support all kind of device and gadgets that work with memory cards.
  • Axis USB flash disks comes with different kind of housings. Our housings are in metal using latest high tech zinc and aluminium alloy, called ZAMAK which is hard and at the same time smooth and comes in different metal colors like Nickel silver, Chrome silver, Golden and Rose Gold color
  • The main memory card item in Axis Memory basket is micro SD which is the smallest in all memory card types and also the most flexible one as it can turn into other types of memory cards like mini SD or SD card and even to a flash disk using a simple adapter.

"Axis Memory" is the first memory manufacturer in Irannnnnnnnnn


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